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Hartford Rolling Anvil Youth Cycling’s core mission is to make cycling, racing, and adventure accessible to all youth in the Hartford area.

Spring '23 Practice Time: Tuesdays 5:30 - 7:00 PM at Keney Park in Hartford

Next session starting this April 2023! Email us or use the form below to sign up!

Spring 2023 Season (8-10 weeks)- April thru June

The Hartford Rolling Anvils Youth Cycling Club operates on a set of core principles:

Diversity and Inclusion: We embrace and encourage new voices to consider themselves as stewards and contributors of the cycling community.

Fun and Hard Work: We encourage youth riders to build confidence and competence in activities through training.

Inspirational Leadership: We believe teams are more powerful than individuals, and emphasizes positive motivation and direct coaching to support team members in accomplishing goals.

Education and Advocacy: We endeavor to share knowledge, skills, and experiences to help youth overcome challenges.


All Youth in Middle and High School


$20 Per Season

(Scholarships Available)

Our team has a wide-variety of financial partners that enable us to cover the costs of the team and to provide bikes, equipment and gear.


Practices take place, primarily in Keney Park and the Hartford Riverfront trails. We will ride occasionally on the open road, after we have reached a level of confidence in each participants capability to ride in the pack. Finally, there will be rides in other places and locations, for which the team will provide transportation.


The Hartford Rolling Anvils have a fleet of high-quality mountain and road bikes available for use during team practices. We will also seek to facilitate each youth of the team getting their own bike to take home.


If you're interested in joining, submit your parent or guardian's information below and we'll contact you soon to get started riding!

What is a ROlling ANVIL?

Rolling Anvils was named for a regiment of Buffalo Soldiers in 1896-1897 who were involved in a series of experimental expeditions, essentially bike packing rides, 126 miles, 500 miles and then a grand ride of 1900 miles from Missoula, Montana to St. Louis, Missouri. Their heavy duty steel bikes and all of their gear came out to be close to 100 lbs and because of this they called themselves the Rolling Anvils.